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Thursday, 1 November 2012

WIA here I come

I am preparing to head to Woodworking in America (WIA) tomorrow in Cincinnati, which is the Premiere woodworking event on this side of the pond. This will a chance to meet many of the online acquaintances I have built up over the years. This will also include many of the tool builders who have worked with me to build some of the nicest hand tools out there, I might even buy a thing or two...

I have not posted in a while, but this does not mean I have been idle. After finishing the oak table for my son, I built a similar table for my Dad from the same oak that came from near his childhood home - he loved it.

We are also doing a bathroom reno, so as those who have done these types of projects well know, this takes lots of time. I am doing doing most of the work myself, except the plumbing, electrical and tile, which I am subbing out.

Phase 1 - this is the framing for the new wall which will become the new bathroom wall
once the old one is removed. Half the work was re-working the hardwood floor pattern.

The new door (right) and hall closet framing to make room for the bathroom wall move.

Phase 2 - Now that the wall has been moved and the room next door finished, time to start destroying stuff in the old bath  which will be a complete gut, and the wall on the right removed to reveal the new wall behind it.

The before picture before Team Destructo showed up

Lots of dust as the drywall comes down, help from my two sons
 made this light duty and they had a ball destroying stuff
I avoided the heavy lifting!!

Starting to clean up from a dirty day - we removed 650 kilos of
material that got hauled to the dump.You can now see the new wall on the right
which makes the bath 15" wider.

The drywall installed - now the fun part begins with taping and sanding.
The recess for the mirror is roughed in.

This end will be a full walk-in shower with a couple
of niches and a seat - long ways to go.

Couldn't have a project without a woodworking aspect!!
Here's the vanity I made to replace the 20-something one.
Turned out pretty good, it's made from Teak.

Off to Cincinnati... can't wait!

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  1. Here from your Liogier rasp review, and got a chuckle. Aren't "Demo" sons the same everywhere? I am still picking up after mine. He's 31. He used to be useful, and very productive. Then he turned 5 and went to school.