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Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Cutting Crew

Just a short post, now that I am back from WIA, after meeting many folks I have only known online for a long time. The show was great, wish there had been a few more hand tool makers, but them's the breaks.

Getting back into the building mode while working on the bathroom reno a bit every day.

Here's a quick project I just finished, it's a Japanese Damascus steel paring knife. I bought a few of these for Christmas presents and made one for myself to work out the kinks, this one is from a piece of Desert ironwood a friend gave me a while ago, finally a project to do justice to this wood.

Damascus steel Desert ironwood Paring Knife
Other side
Last year I made my first knives, some Outback style steak knives for my boys:
Last year's knife making experience - my first go at it.

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