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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Bed Time

KUBISK Night Stand
Been a busy time in the shop with lots of travel, I have been rushing to get the next piece of my son's bedroom set complete. The bed is finally finished, it is consistent in design elements to the KUBISK night stands I finished a few weeks back. The square lines and clean joinery are characteristics of our design.

The bed had to be consistent with this design so I made a simple frame for the headboard, while the footboard and side boards are more of less just boards joined together with hardware.As with the night stands I made extensive use of dominos to put the frame together. This helped tremendously with holding this very large piece together during glue-up; not normally a one-person job to get this done.

The side rails are joined to the head and foot with Lee Valley bed rail fasteners, which worked very well. For the 9" high rails I bought the largest size they had. This makes a very solid frame. A few cross rails are installed to support the 3/4" plywood support panels to create the platform for the mattress.

KUBISK King Size Platform Bed

Building a piece this size in my shop was a challenge as it consumed all of my assembly area and then some; which pretty much meant I was unable to do much else at the same time. here's a few assembly shots from the iPhone:

The footboard and side rails darkening in the sun.

Glue-up of headboard - a big piece and lots of clamps.

The finished headboard frame ready for the insert

The panel for the headboard pre-finished before install

Headboard and footboard in all their glory.
Cross Rails provide support for 3/4" plywood platform.

And now for something completely different...

While the shop was full making a bed, I did manage to get a couple other things finished. After the bench project I decided that the drawer fronts on my old bench did not cut the mustard anymore, so time for an upgrade. I used a couple pieces of cherry that had limited use elsewhere, with lots of sap and quite badly cupped. Attaching them to the front of the drawer boxes would remedy that, same handles as new bench and now up to standard...

The previous drawer fronts had seen better days


Now back to building some drawers for the bedroom set, lots of travel in the next few weeks so will need to be patient.