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Friday, 28 September 2012

Back to the workshop being a workshop

I have not posted too much in the way of new projects, but this is not because I have not been building stuff. I while ago I got some wood from my hometown, some from an uncle and others from a mill located near my Dad's homestead.

The wood from my uncle was a mix of Oak, Cherry, spalted beech and curly Maple - most of this wood was cut from the family land so has some very cool provenance. The other wood is some very spectacular birdseye maple from the same area. This wood is destined for a very special project,which will be revealed down the road.

I don't normally work with Oak as it brings with it some challenges in the working, and I find it quite pedestrian in appearance - that being said, I have the wood, I must answer its calling. To me the choice was easy, make some pieces for family from this wood. The first piece is for my Dad's Apartment and is a stand for his phone and a few things currently on a bookshelf that has seen better days - the footballs are a special touch.

Oak Cabinet for my Dad

The next piece just finished is a table for my oldest son's new apartment. He has recently moved and asked me to make him a small table for the kitchen; he wanted pub-style (imagine that!) table a little higher than normal at 36" high. This table is an original design and the top is 30" square, stained brown as he requested.

Brendan's table

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  1. Very nice pieces Rich.
    I love using wood with special provenance because it imparts so much more to the project then just a build.
    I am sure your Dad and Son are both very happy.
    Good job.
    Kissimmee, Fl