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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Project Update - Small Stuff

Been very busy in the shop since Christmas, finishing up some small projects that were in the works for awhile. Some of those projects you start and set aside for, like forever.

Maple, Padauk and black-dyed veneer plate
This plate was an idea I had and glued it up maybe a couple of years ago and then set it aside. I needed a small project to fill a morning so this was one of the things I picked up to finish.

This was an attempt to salvage a piece that was just too punky to turn so added a wedge of Padauk, edged with black veneer - I might try this design again.

Maple, Cherry, Walnut Salt & Pepper Mills

Next up are a few mills that I turned for a good friend who asked for some gifts for his children. These are my laminated style mill in salt and pepper sets. I have not turned too many salt mills and this was the first sets I turned at one go. They turned out okay - :-)

Cocobolo and Ash Handles,
Desert Ironwood and African Blackwood faces

I had given away all the hammers I made in the last batch and wanted to send a few to some friends, so spent an afternoon turning some handles and wooden faces for three more - these are now gone, time to make a few more.

Cherry and Curly Maple Lamps

Moving away from turning, I made a couple of lamps to go with my son's headboard I had made in the fall. These were a Christmas present, so had to be secret until after the big day. These replaced my old desk lamp he has been using since he moved out 5 years ago.

Meah (Vana) models the bedroom suite with new lamps
I saw a lamp on a table at the Thomas Moser store in Freeport, Maine when my buddy and I went on the Great Maine Tool Hunt last fall. I knew at that time, this was the design I would use. The lamps incorporate some Cherry and lighter maple to show some contrast and tie into the headboard of the bed. It is subtle once the shades are on but creates a nice effect.

Maple & Walnut Storage Box

In keeping with my need for organization, the new chisels I turned before Christmas needed some storage, both to keep them safe, but also to make storage efficient. I made a box similar to my other sets, using rare earth magnets to hold them in place.

This approach lets me bring the box I want to use, set it on the bench and provides a place to set the chisel as I am using it. I spend too much time looking for stuff I have set down - this helps.

And finally, I had finally settled on how I wanted to shape the ends of the arms on my Maloof Dining Chairs, they had sat idle for at least four months with me looking at them almost every day trying to determine how I would remove that last 1/4" of material on the arm and front of the arm. I really wanted them to be my own and needed a unique element to complete them. One day after New Years it came to me and I went to work that morning and they were done later in the day - good to finally get some finish on them. Here's a quick shot of them in place; I will do a separate blog entry and higher quality pictures once I rub out the finish for good.

Maloof-inspired walnut low-back dining chairs and table

I still have a list....