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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Master’s works

I saw a picture of Bill & Sarah Carter on my online acquaintance David Barron’s blog recently and thought it was time to look into picking up another Bill Carter plane. I have long been an admirer of Bill’s work and really appreciate the artistic approach he takes to his work, in particular the tiny planes he makes from rescued tenon saw backs. I sent a note off to them and was surprised and disappointed by the response – seems Bill is winding things down in his plane making business. That changed my decision on what I was buying, as I was thinking a mitre plane; but once I realized the door was closing I changed it up to another tiny mitre plane, which to my mind is quintessential Bill Carter. Here’s a couple of shots of my new plane, and a shot of the old one I bought last year.

If you are a fan of Bill’s work better move quickly, not sure how many more planes Bill will decide to make.

My first Bill Carter Plane Purchase


  1. Awesome plane Richard - another classic Bill Carter. Sad to hear he may be winding things down - but also somewhat understandable.


  2. Hi Rich, a very nice little plane, it actually looks like a very little one! All the best, David.