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Friday, 31 August 2012

Hammer Time

I recently received a nice plane hammer with a new infill plane I had made for myself. I thought I could make a few of these for give-aways and keep some for myself.

First batch of plane hammers: top to bottom Flame Maple,
Walnut burl, Curly Ash, Brazilian Rosewood, Ash & Cherry
I asked a machinist buddy of mine to make me some brass heads I could turn some handles for, these were the result. The heads are 4" total length including the wooden end and the handles are about 10" long.

A good buddy gave me some nice little pieces of desert iron wood which I turned and threaded onto the end of the head.

I thought these turned out pretty cool.


  1. I absolutley love these plane hammer's. i was wondering if you made them for sale?

    1. No I just made these to give to friends and they all found loving homes. Thanks for the compliment.