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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Trestle Table Complete

Finally got the last coat of finish on the table today and moved it upstairs to start its new life in our kitchen. The 3 Leminster chairs have started to darken a bit already and the table is still quite light. It won't take long in this sunny area to see the patina in the cherry start to come out.

Completed table with 3 of Leminster Chairs

Closeup shot of Walnut wedge holding trestle together

End shot showing works down-under

Another shot of table with highly figured Leminster chair.
Now its time to get back to finishing the rest of those chairs...


  1. Dang... I just hit the reply button on my own blog asking how the table was coming and I realized I should have checked your blog first. True enough - you are done the table already! Dude - you are way fast! The table looks great as do the chairs. Congrats!


  2. Just trying to keep up with the Sauers buddy!!