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Monday, 6 February 2012

Three Chairs complete

This past weekend has been a busy one in the shop, there are now three complete, ready for use.

Leminster 1,2 &3 - nice seats eh?
Leminster Chairs - Front View
 Now that the chair construction is proceeding, it's time to start work on the trestle table to match.While waiting for the finish to dry on the chairs, I dimensioned and glue-up the cherry that had been climatizing in the shop for the past couple of weeks.

Cutting 5/4 Cherry boards to length.

Table glue-up complete

Smoothing the table top with a little help from my friends Sauer & Holtey

Spent some time this afternoon smoothing the table top to eliminate the major humps and bumps and establish the top surface. Next I will flip it over and clean up the bottom before milling for the breadboard ends. Once the breadboard ends are atttached I will do the final smoothing and begin sanding. With the final table size established I can start the base.

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