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Monday, 26 March 2012

More Plane Talk

Today was another good day for deliveries. This time it was the Canada Post lady with a nice little package from the Royal Mail - it had finally arrived!
Quickly opening the box revealed one of the coolest tools I own to date. A very small mitre plane built from a brass back salvaged from a very old tenon saw. This was commissioned from Bill Carter a while back. If you are familiar with Bill's work, everyone of his pieces are unique and a piece of the toolmaker's art. My unique little plane is from a saw made by King & Company in Hull (UK) and features a boxwood infill. I am very pleased!

Bill Carter Mitre Plane from Hull & Co. antique tenon saw
 click for larger pic

This little guy measures 4” long at the base and the body is 1” wide with a 5/8” snecked blade. Bill is well known for aging his planes and this one already has 20 years of patina and its still “brand new”. 

Bill Carter Mitre Plane from Hull & Co. antique tenon saw
click for larger pic
In addition to the saw maker’s stamp Bill has added a few additional stamps, some with his name and others as miscellaneous artefacts, which create a very clever effect.  While adding to the overall look, they are tastefully executed and add a lot to the overall look of this unique. The curved tenon saw back is perfectly dovetailed to the steel sole and the infill material is perfectly mated to the metal, a testament to the master's skill.
Bottom view of Bill Carter Mitre Plane from Hull & Co. antique tenon saw
click for larger pic

Bill has gained a reputation for being one of the great toolmakers of the current era, I am proud to be the custodian of one of his pieces. This one will have to stay on my desk for a few weeks before its goes to the shop to play, I just cannot resist picking it up and admiring this tiny piece of "tool-art".

If you are interested in more information on Bill's work, definitely visit his website, but also watch this video by my new friend David Barron from Southampton who profiles his collection of Bill Carter planes - one day I can only dream of amassing such as special collection, really like that No. 11. Thanks David for sharing.



  1. Hi Richard,

    Bill Carter is just brilliant isn't he, I love your new plane, it just look great, and i'm sure it will be a pleasure to use. I hoping to see him at the end of this week at the David Stanley International Tool Auction. I first met him 20 years ago to the day almost, so it will be quite a day. Keep up the good work.

    All the best


    1. Thanks Jamie,
      I have had a chance to use this plane a few times now and it is amazing on some tough woods. Bill is a true artist and quality toolmaker.