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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Searching for retirement groove

Since I retired in June I have been working on developing a routine for my days to get stuff done. Yes I have been golfing, and yes I have been biking a lot; but I have shop commitments which need to be honored.

We are working hard to get the house organized and complete outstanding outdoor projects; lets just say the shingles on the shed still need to go on - lots of summer left though.

The major undertaking in the shop is the design and construction of a dining room set for the eldest's new home; not a trivial challenge getting concesus on a project with a myriad of options and a blank palette. We have concensus and the build is underway. The project involves a new table with a trestle base (my previous design) and a breadboard top with 4 bowback Windsor chairs and a matching bench - simple eh?

If you have read my blog before, you know where this goes...build a model - so I did.  We have a table the same style in our dining room, so the table design was easy - not the chair. After many drawings and emailed pictures and discussions, the design at right was developed.

Some of the parts will be painted black milk paint with a poly overcoat and the rest stained a walnut colour for contrast. The bowback Windsor chair is an amalgam of many traditional designs and the legs will be turned more ornately than the 1/8" dowels the model has.

The next step was to confirm the design in a full-size piece so everyone knew what they were dealing with, so I made a side table using the same design/scheme which could be used as a sideboard in a dining room. This would confirm the turned design, test out the staining and finishing process for me on a smaller piece.

What's a table without some legs, 2.5" sq. blanks and "identical" matching legs

Fitting the breadboard ends for the table top ensure a solid end product!

I do not paint a lot of pieces, and I have heard it said that paint hides a multitude of sins - BS!
To me a painted finish actually magnifies defects (black more-so), and getting this perfect took a couple of coats!!

The finished table outside today for its beauty shot, just need to deliver it!

Now onto building that dining table...

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