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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Cranking it out here at the Sausage Factory

I have been mostly home since June so have had plenty of time to spend in the shop. There also has been no shortage of requests for an eclectic mix of projects. This post will show just how varied the things I get asked to build for friends and family.

Several of these projects are a direct result of the new house bought this Spring by my eldest. We did a gut-job on a bedroom that had some ungodly stucco-like material globbed on the walls. Lots of new flooring in the entire basement and some bedrooms, and a few woodworking projects.

First up is a sideboard to go with the dining set I made a few years ago for him. This provides some much needed storage in their expanded environs.

Painted and Stained Sideboard to match existing dining room set

 A fence to ensure the Yorkshire monster does not make an exscape from the compound...

Nice wooden fence to keep Rudy in and the Rakins out!


In an unfinished room that was to become the gym, we decided to enclose the power panel, to reduce the ugliness...

...and after.

Simple plywood sides and laminated pine-panel doors make short work of this enclosure.

He also needed a place to organize his sport equipment, so I made a stand to fit in the corner which looks like a pallet...

I made this from an old table...

Let the drill press do the heavy lifting.

And now for something completely different...

One Saturday afternoon in August I was perusing the woodworking blogs and saw a project where a guy used a Kutzall grinding wheel to rough out a bowl from a chunk of wood. I use this setup for grinding seats out for chairs and rockers, so I said "I can do that".

An voila another pieces of "bowl-ware" that I will need to find a use for.

A window to nowhere in particular
The kids are not the only ones requesting "off-the-wall projects" SWMBO wanted to recyle the windows we kept when we replaced the front door. I decided to install the sidelight piece in an interior wall to cast some light in the back hallway. This turned out quite nice.

She also had a request to make some props for the front step to hold some harvesty type decorations. I have been storing some western red cedar in the shed for years, so lugged it down, ripped it up and turned out a couple of sets of these. One set is going to one of the sons (of course) and the other will grace our entrance for the fall season.

It has been a busy, varied and glorious summer, time to move the operation inside. I have several exciting projects planned for this fall, so stay tuned.



  1. I'd like to see more on how you did that bowl.

    1. Ralph,

      Not really much in the way of progress shots. I used the Kutzall wheel on the 4.5" grinder to hog out the stuff after the drill press. Then used a smaller bit on the handheld foredom to get into the bits I could not reach with the grinder - and then lots of sanding. The outside was ground away after the inside with the grinder and left 1/2" of thickness all around - then there's that sanding bit again. To get the bottom flat I set it on the belt sander to remove the high spots and put everything back into parallel.

      Hope this is helpful.