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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I have turned it up a notch!

Mills anyone?
While I do not consider myself a turner like the pros in the videos; guys who can turn a bowl with one continuous shaving and one arm tied behind their back. I have become pretty accomplished at it mostly for decorative art, functional and furniture components. The house (and relatives' houses) are full of bowls of different shapes from the past 20 years. Most of my turning tools have new shiny handles and have made many handles for hammers and chisels alike.

I was getting a little fed up with my Delta 14" lathe which is 6 years old and it was time to upgrade.

The old setup - lots of work came out of this rig.
The 14" size limit was becoming an issue when I wanted to turn some stool seats as well as larger size bowls. I did not want to go overboard but wanted to buy a pro-level lathe but one that was not too large. I settled on the Oneway 1640 for a few reasons, it is acknowledged to be one of the best made out there, and they are made in Canada, which meant less hassles getting it here. Last weekend my buddy Jason was by and got a turning lesson and carted off the old Delta - this was to be payment for helping me mule the new one into the shop.

This morning we made the trek to Busy Bee, disassembled the beast (all 650 lbs. of it), threw it into the "man-van" and lugged it here. After some struggling we had it assembled in the shop and ready to plug it in. Man does it ever run smooth, looking forward to turning a project to christen it later. Here she be in all her glory...

The cleanest she will ever be...

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