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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

NBSS / Tommy MacDonald Tool Chest Complete! Plus Tool Porn

Thanks to many for the kind comments (including a FaceBook share from Tommy himself) on my first post on the Tool Chest; I am glad others are interested in this project, it inspires me to keep going with this blogging thing...

The first blog left off with the case finished and ready for some drawers. The next step involved my very first attempt at half-bind dovetails which have been a trademark of fine craftsmen for centuries. The drawer bodies are made from Southern Yellow Poplar which is harder than the pine normally used but still soft and light enough to work easily. The drawer bottoms are 3/8" bookmatched resawn poplar with tapered edges to fit in the groove but keep the strength in a drawer that large.

A few finishing touches I have put into this special project are the black cast iron pulls and the green leather drawer lining which add a real richness to the piece. Enjoy the build shots.

Using my David Barron dovetail gauge to cut the drawer sides.

Test fitting the drawers to ensure they glide effortlessly

The drawers with a coat of finish on them, the insides
are not finished.

The finished case and darwers, just 5 more coats of Deft natural to go.

The ash ship-lapped back is screwed on
The finished cabinet with cast iron pulls installed!

 And now for some Tool Porn

This new tool chest allows me to store some of my nicer tools in a dust-free place - they will all be used just as much, only without the dust!!
Measure three times, cut once, measure again!

The plane truth!

Saws - all??

A plane brown wrapper!
Thanks for viewing, this has been a fun project for me.


  1. Beautiful use of the sapwood there Rich, echoed on three sides. And some drool worthy tools to store in the not-so-plain plane-brown-wrapper.

    Jim B

  2. Hi, Rich. May I ask where you bought the great drawer pulls?

    1. These came from Lee Valley, standard black pulls, come in a variety of sizes.