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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Rocker Build Update

A lot of progress has been made since last week. The rocker has a back and the rockers are shaped, spent quite a bit of time tonight rough shaping the arms, have a look at the pictures for the latest.

The arm screwed into the back leg and glued to the transition block, lots of grinding remains to make this look like it should.  The top of the arm has been coved on the tablesaw.

This and the next shot are the first test fit of the rockers with the transition stacks glued on. Those stacks of lams nder each leg will be shaped to blend into the leg in the classic Maloof organic style.

Front view showing rocker angles and cove on top of arms.

Another example of where luthier tools have purpose in other areas of woodworking. This is my teflon bushing on my laminate router - this is normally used for routing binding on instrument bodies. In this application it raises the bit high enough to rout the back brace safely around the severe curve, which would not be possible in a normal table-mounted router.

Another test fit, the rocker transitions are now shaped and the rocker has been rounded on the router, once the back is attached  these will be screwed on and the joints smoothed so they disappear. You can also see the back braces have been fitted in to the seat. While sounding like a trivial thing, getting the back brace bottom tenons to the exact width was a tedious job requiring them to be dimensioned to +or- .001" - too small and they are firewood! Fortunately no real drama here.
The headrest has been screwed on for shaping, no glue yet, but with the back braces in the bottom holes you begin to get the overall look. The tops of the arms have been shaped a bit - time for a Heather fitting. Back Braces will be trimmed and fitted tomorrow and then after a bit more shaping the headrest will be glued on. All that's left is attaching the rockers and final shaping.

Once the final steps are complete, final shaping and sanding will likely take a couple of days, this will need to be sanded to 1000 grit all over in order to ave the necessary smoothness for an organic piece such a this.

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