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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Some Tool Updates

Finally back to cleaning up some shop projects which I have been noodling on for a while. I have been reading quite a bit about mallets on the WoodNet forums, so decided to turn a few of my own. I have also picked up a new plane from Philip Marcou in New Zealand which is the most unbelievable smoother I have ever used.

Cocobolo Mallet

This mallet is glued up around a square core of ash, and the nice straight grain of the Cocobolo makes the joints  harder to discern. This mallet weighs 12 oz. overall which is a bit light but will work nicely for the smaller work and complement the heavier ones I got from Blue Spruce.

Cocobolo Mallet with Ash handle

Another View

Marcou Smoother

I recently ordered a new plane from Philip Marcou of Marcou Planes in New Zealand. This S20a smoother is one he had made up using a local hardwood known as Black Maire. I particularly liked the fact that a Kiwi plane was made using a wood only grown in New Zealand.

This plane is one serious piece of gear, weighing in at over 8 lbs, it is VERY stable in use. the adjustable mouth and thick blade make for some pretty thin shavings one can see through - can't wait to use this on my next table top.

Marcou Planes S20a Smoother - rear view showing blade adjuster and holding mechanism.

Marcou Planes S20a Smoother - front top view showing mouth adjustment screws and nice detail in front knob.
The new plane in use smoothing the mallet blanks for the next glue up stage - smooth baby.

Happy Shavings.


  1. That's a fine looking, very solid plane!

  2. As always, Philip does beautiful work. You are going to enjoy that plane for years. :o) Fred