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Monday, 2 January 2012

Benchtop Extension Complete

I know that I said shop version 2.0 was complete, so let’s call this version 2.1 will we?

When I built the new wall benches in November I only built 12 feet of benches to sit along 14 feet of wall, this was mostly because most of  the ash I got could only yield 6’ of usable length per piece. So I ended up with 2 – 6’ benches, with 2’ of wall space calling out to be fulfilled. My plan was to make a short wall-mounted section from the leftover ash while I was milling it up for the chair project. 
Well it’s done, the idea was to put a bit more finish on this section so I could use it for a sharpening area and the water would not bother it. It has about 5 coats of poly on it and seems to bead up the water quite well. It will be necessary to wipe up after I am done, but having the stones and honing jig readily accessibl,e ensures I will sharpen when I should, not when I HAVE to!

Laser Printer Logo Imprint
When this section was ready for finish I wanted to put my logo on it, so I tried for the first time the iron on the laser print trick. It worked okay, but the unevenness of the ash created a few voids, so I had to sketch in a few sections with a pencil, since it was a rough sketch anyway, it looked okay. I was pleased with the final result.

Sharpening Station

Since I was applying finish anyway, I decided to put another coat of ply on the entire 14’ of bench. This evened it up as there were a few sections of punkiness that the first 2 coats just soaked into. This new area has created an awesome work area, as with most shop improvements, I wonder how I got by without it!


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