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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Planes get upgraded Storage

Plane/Tool Storage before upgrade.

As part of the ongoing workshop 2.0 project, it was time to upgrade my exisiting plane storage.  I had picked up a couple of new planes and either needed to build some new holders or breakdown and build a proper cabinet.

Now was the time to build the cabinet that would provide a nice plane display and increase the storage near the bench at the same time.
In Progress
I decided to make the cabinet out of cherry, since I was trying to use up that last piece of cherry tabletop from our old dining table I had made 20 years ago. the rest of the cherry  had gone into a coffee table for Brendan and a couple other small projects. Other than the top and bottom pieces, this is all recyled material. the cabinet is 6' long to span the complete length of the table underneath and 6" deep. The cabinet is deep enough to  serve its purpose without interfering with the benchtop work area.

Slatwall plane storage/display area

The Centre section of the cabinet is a section of open slatwall. The slatwall is made from leftover Tigerwood from my office flooring project and is mounted to a piece of plywood underlay (also salvage) and inserted in the opening. I believe it does a nice job of holding the planes both for esthetics and access.

I re-worked my plane shelves which were screwed to the wall, by attaching metal slatwall clips to the back which allows me to re-configure as necessary.

The finished cabinet with doors attached provides plenty of storage and keeps my planes right where I can reach them. I am very pleased with the result!

Ta Da

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