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Friday, 14 October 2011

Old Plane gets new look.

This is my trusty Lie-Nielson No. 4 which I have had for many years and is probably the plane I use the most on a day-to-day basis. I had seen some of the work done by Catharine Kennedy online before and thought this trusty old standby could use some new clothes. I ripped the plane apart and sent the body and lever cap off to Catharine to do her magic. My only guidance was "less filigree and more acanthus" and I think she got it bang on.

She also engraved my initials on the lever cap, which looks great as well. Once this gets mauled a bit and the bronze patina restored it will look like the =trusty ole steed that it is - just with a new pair of shoes!



  1. Hi Rich, love the Lie Nielson, the engraving makes it look great. I Might do some of this to one or two of mine. I have seen some work like this online, Cajunplanes.. I think, again great stuff, I've enjoyed reding through your blog, thanks for sharing.

    Jamie Hubbard

  2. It looks great. Really nice. Thanks for great sharing.